April 19, 2012 - Charity Concert with Kathy Kelly and Die Regghe Sangers

“Hellendoorn! Geet het good?” were Kathy Kelly’s words to Adriaan Struyk. Together with Fenneke Zonnebeld and Maaike Schottink they form the basis of a charity concert which will take place on April 19 in Hellendoorn. It will be a night full of surprises dedicated to Adriaan Struyk: a proud man with a physical disability who is in need of help to participate in the world championships of driving coaches.

Adriaan is qualified for the Horse Carriage World Championships of 2012 but depends on special transport in both his private and professional life. To realise his dreams and goals, several people and organisations have stated that they want to help Adriaan. Kathy Kelly: “Adriaan is an example for many others. His willpower to participate in the championships of driving coaches is remarkable and so are his achievements”. Which is why Kathy Kelly spontaneously decided to help out Adriaan Struyk.

Major Raven of Hellendoorn will open the night which is filled with several different acts. One of the supporting acts for Kathy Kelly are Die Regghe Sangers, a group of men whom have already said their participation in the concert will be done with the same enthusiasm as Adriaan’s willpower to participate in the championships. Another supporting act will be StreetLive: three young ladies whom play a mixture of Irish and Spanish folk music. Himig Natin from the Philippines will be there to add a special greeting to the night.

By visiting the concert you will be supporting this project which is set up to help Adriaan Struyk.

Keep on Rolling, Adriaan!

Tickets are available NOW!

Bookshop Boekhandel Hofman

Restaurant De Kroon  in Hellendoorn.

Online tickets - Send an e-mail to:  kathy.adriaan@gmx.de

For more information or reservation by telephone: +31 (0)6 21389458


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